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Discarded unwanted electricals are the fastest growing waste stream in the world – and the UK. We are making it easier for everyone across the UK to fix, donate and recycle their electricals, to stop precious resources from being lost forever.

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Our in-depth research, Industry briefings, targeted investment and inspiring communications are making a difference. Millions more people have said they’ve started recycling their electricals as a result of our campaign.

Firefighter putting out large electrical fire at waste disposal centre, huge clouds of black smoke in the background.

Binned batteries cause fires

Batteries hidden in electricals caused over 700 fires last year, when crushed in recycling centres, bins and recycling lorries. Download our battery fires communications toolkits to help educate the public on how to recycle safely.

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Two men in hi-vis orange jackets, yellow hard hats and gloves tipping a yellow bin into a green waste disposal lorry, red waste bin in the foreground.

Electricals Recycling Fund

Launched in August 2022, the fund is currently supporting over 60 projects across the UK  – from expanding recycling collection and drop-off points, to testing new ways to collect more electricals for reuse and recycling.

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22,100+ reuse and recycling points

We’re making recycling information easy to find in our online locator. And we’re adding more recycling locations all the time.

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Our impact

‘HypnoCat’ (a magenta-coloured Persian cat with blue spiral eyes) sitting on a blue dustbin in front of a blue spiral background with electrical items floating in the spiral. Text: Humans, don't bin your old electricals. Recycle them.

Recycle Your Electricals

Our award-winning, highly effective messenger HypnoCat has now hypnotised residents in over 200 areas across the UK.

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Two middle aged light skinned men standing looking at the camera, one man is standing in the open back of a white van wearing a hi-vis vest, the other is surrounded by old electrical items covering the ground

12 million more people

From the Orkneys to the Isles of Scilly, we’ve funded 60 projects to make it easier for over 12 million more people to recycle their electricals closer to home

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702,500 recycling searches

More and more people are finding their nearest reuse and recycling points on our Recycling Locator

‘HypnoCat’ (a magenta-coloured Persian cat with blue spiral eyes) holding a blue bag of electrical items in front of a bright blue background.

48% more people

Nearly half the people who see our campaign say they plan to recycle their electricals in future. We’re making electrical recycling the easy and obvious choice for millions of people.

Work with us

We work with hundreds of local authorities, businesses and local communities. Partnership is critical to making it easier for us all to fix, donate and recycle our electricals. We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in protecting our planet’s precious resources.

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