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We want to make it easier for the public to recycle their electricals. The Electricals Recycling Fund aims to grow existing methods or test new creative and practical ones for recycling household electricals.

Electricals recycling fund

Almost 80% of people think recycling their electricals is the right thing to do – but only 45% of people think it’s easy. To date the Electricals Recycling Fund has funded over 60 projects that will make it easier for 12 million more people to reuse and recycle unwanted small household electricals. The funding is available to any type of organisation that can help do this.

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Growth and Innovation

We fund two types of projects – those seeking to grow or develop existing household collection services for small household electricals, and those seeking to innovate new collection methods.

Growing existing services

Organisations can apply for up to £100,000 of funding for projects that aim to grow or improve existing household waste and recycling collection services.

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young volunteers recycling old electricals
young volunteers recycling old electricals

Innovating new methods

Organisations can apply for up to £50,000 for projects that aim to innovate or test new approaches to collect electricals for reuse and recycling. We may consider further funding should the project demonstrate value for money and significant impact.

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What you need to know

The basics

Two middle aged light skinned men standing looking at the camera, one man is standing in the open back of a white van wearing a hi-vis vest, the other is surrounded by old electrical items covering the ground

Why this funding?

Most of us want to recycle our old electricals but the current system is inconsistent and confusing for householders  – so too many electricals continue to be binned. The Electricals Recycling Fund will help test ways to fix this.

People at recycling centre


We’re keen to see applications from registered organisations only – such as local authorities, waste collection authority areas, contractors, non-profits, community sector organisations, producer compliance schemes, and retailers – not individuals. 

What we offer

If your application is successful we’ll provide you with project management support and access to our impactful, award-winning marketing materials.

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How to apply

Please submit an expression of interest stating which project you are applying for (see form below). We’ll review your information against our criteria and invite successful applicants to submit a full application.

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