Successful repayment of  the “Material Focus Support Grants and Loans Package” for the electrical waste reuse and recycling sector

Media Release, 6th July 2023

Material Focus, is pleased to announce the successful full repayment of nearly £2 million of the three year interest-free loans that it provided to 14 commercial electrical waste treatment facilities. Working with the compliance fee advisory panel, Material Focus made these loans available to provide cashflow support to ensure the continued operation of these facilities during the challenging times brought about by the covid pandemic.

Scott Butler, Executive Director, Material Focus said:  “The prompt repayment of these loans is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the electrical waste treatment facilities, which persevered despite the many challenges presented by the Covid pandemic. We are delighted that the loans helped these facilities to continue operating.”

Phil Conran, Chairman of the AATF Forum, welcomed the news. “The AATF sector was grateful for the financial support that the loans provided. The dramatic fall in WEEE collection volumes during Covid led to many AATFs suffering cash flow concerns that put their futures at risk. The availability of the Compliance Fee loans provided significant financial stability at this difficult time that helped to protect employment and ensure that the UK retained the high quality treatment capacity needed as normality returned.”

In addition to the interest-free loans, Material Focus also distributed nearly £500k in grants to 34 charitable organisations supporting the reuse of electricals. The grant funding, processed by the Reuse Network, played a pivotal role in empowering these charities to meet the rising demand for refurbished household appliances, particularly for those affected by Covid-19, self-isolation, and lockdown measures.

Craig Anderson, CEO of the ReUse Network said, “During the Covid crisis, reuse charities were having to work in new and creative ways to respond to the needs of their communities. Although high street retail had to close their doors, the demand for emergency supply of refurbished household appliances for frontline staff and people being rehoused was urgent and increased throughout the two years of Covid. The £500,000 WEEE funding from Material Focus helped stabilise the WEEE Reuse charity sector, but also meant they were able to reopen at strength to process and supply electricals to those most affected by COVID-19, self-isolation, and lockdown.” 

By providing vital financial support, Material Focus demonstrated its ongoing commitment to the electrical waste reuse and recycling industry. Since 2020 Material Focus continues to promote sustainability and a circular economy for electricals in the UK by producing insights, investing in new collection and drop-off points for millions of more people, and inspiring households to recycle through the Recycle Your Electricals campaign. 

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Recycle Your Electricals 

Material Focus is a not for profit whose goal is to stop the nation throwing away or hoarding all their old small electricals. Material Focus is delivering the UK-wide Recycle Your Electricals campaign. The campaign is making it easier for us all to recycle and reuse the small electricals we no longer need by funding more recycling points as well as providing practical information on how households can recycle.

The campaign is funded by producers of electrical appliances. The funding pays for a range of activities including communications, behaviour change activities, increased recycling projects and research. Ultimately the aim is to support actions that will help the UK increase the levels of reuse and recycling of waste electricals. 

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